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Gogo Bethke
The Freedom Team 
“My husband, Mark and I have been in real estate for 4 years. We achieved the top ranking Icon Award at eXp. We love being part of eXp and the “Freedom Team”. The collaboration and training have been game changers for us and our business.” – Kelli Cairns

“Freedom Team - the support, onboarding, and training is incredible! Everyone went above and beyond to welcome me and to make sure I had everything I needed to get started. The weekly Freedom Team masterminds with highly successful agents sharing strategies they are currently using to close more deals is helping all of us take our businesses to the next level. Each and every Freedom Team leader has a genuine desire to help the entire team reach the goals and results they are looking for. I have no doubt I am in the right place, at the right time, with the best team and the best brokerage on the planet.” – Mack Neff

“The Freedom Team has been a life-changer in my 19-year career as a Realtor. My decision to be part of Freedom Team with eXp Realty in June of 2022 was the best choice in my career. I'm so excited to be a part of this wonderful group of leaders who want GREATNESS for their agents. Since day one Freedom Team has made me feel at home. The masterminds are always packed with new things to learn, plus the positive energy from each individual is outstanding. Growing in knowledge is priceless and Freedom Team is empowering me to take my business to the next level.” - Jackie Macias

“I’m a 25-year Realtor in Nashville, and I’m so thankful that I chose to be part of the “Freedom Team” at eXp Realty. Since partnering with the team, I’ve grown so much as an agent, but our group has also grown exponentially. It’s extremely important to align yourself not only with a winning team but also a winning culture. We have free trainings and masterminds every single week, white glove onboarding service, and endless support & coaching. I never imagined a group of Realtors being so willing to share and invest in one another’s SUCCESS. And most of all, Freedom Team is making real estate FUN again!” – Paula Piskie

“The Freedom Team leaders and agents blow me away every day with the training, support, resources, and tools to grow my business. The sharing, camaraderie, and mentoring to help us all become more successful agents is amazing. I always hear “your success is our success,” and Freedom Team is focused on the agents’ success in all phases of the industry. They create a culture of assisting one another rather than keeping all you know to yourself. I couldn't be happier to be part of this amazing Freedom Team group of agents!” – Bryan Decker

“The Freedom Team is an amazing collaborative, supportive, educational group that has had a major impact on how I am growing my business. The training is direct, targeted, and allows for personal interaction so I can get my questions answered as well as stretch and grow. The leadership in the team is truly inspirational!” – Kelly Fasterling

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